Rates & Policies

Listed below are our rates for the current fiscal year.  Please contact our office if you have any questions or need anything further.

Standard Residential Water Rates

Monthly Minimum:
5/8" Meter $26.75
3/4" Meter $38.88
1" Meter $63.15
1 1/2" Meter $123.80
Tier (gal.): $/100 gal.:
0-4,000 $0.158
4,000-8,000 $0.199
8,000-12,000 $0.235
12,000+ $0.272

Our water meters are read each month as close to the 25th of the month as possible. To help our staff complete this process, please keep your meter clear of debris, wood, cars, etc.  Please contact our office for any additional information.

Average Water Billing Examples

Single Family 3/4" Meter Base Rate $38.88
Usage (gal.): Bill Total:
5,000 $47.19
15,000 $60.21
30,000 $111.52

The average single family water usage during the off-peak months is:  5,000 gallons
The average single family water usage during peak or summer months is: 13,500 gallons

Single Family Wastewater Rates

Single Family Wastewater Rate $52.22
Wastewater Collection $14.43
USDA Loan $10.22
Wastewater Treatment $27.57

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